Extras for your Parasailing Business

Parasailing is a water sport that requires a fair amount of equipment. A new parasailing business needs many different equipment types. We provide businesses with everything “parasailing”. 

We are able to assist and provide you with all necessary parasailing equipment needed for your parasail operation. Besides the important POWER WINCH for sale you also find other needed parasailing-equipment, such as parasails, special waxed ropes for parasailing winch, parasailing harness, parasail lifejackets, tandem/ triple bar for 2/3 person.


Boom for winch operation

Order your personalised boom to ensure the rope runs smoothly and correctly in and out of the boat while operating the POWER winch system

Parasailing Power winch boom


We produce double silicon (1.6.) parasails which have longer endurance than normal parasails. They are under hard and bad conditions throughout the day; sun, water and salt! Choose your own colors or logo for your own custom made parasail Furthermore we do produce now our “parasail for sale” protected with Nano Technology.

Harness for Parasails

Parasailing harness needs to be purchased once only for a parasailing operation. We offer them in the size S-XL Webbings are unaffected by salt water and give maximum resistance to UV damage. Ductile strength. 150 mm Polypropylen multiweave lock stitched - 4.650. 75 mm Polypropylen multiweave lock stitched - 2.700. 50 mm Polypropylen multiweave lock stitched - 2.150. Woven thickness 25 mm Polyester.


Parasailing Winch Rope

Rope is an expendable part of the parasail-equipment; therefore we introduce a special waxed rope that was mainly produced for professional usage of a parasailing winch. The length ranges from 200 to 400 meter.

Tandem / Triple bar

For double or triple parasails flight operations you need a special tandem/ triple bar.

Tandem triple bar